“We have to shop at Oxygen!” was probably one of the first things I said as soon as the show ended.

Truth be told, I don’t remember Oxygen being that big a brand. I only had one piece from Oxygen (something I got 5 years back)- my gray hip-hop – meaning, baggy – pants that I over-used when I was still dancing street. Never did I think that in a span of a few of years, Oxygen would become a major influence in the Philippine fashion industry. But wow. The way they re-branded was amazing. Good job Mr. Brand Director! shoutout to THE Jeff Bascon for doing an awesome job turning this brand around – and the industry along with it.

Want proof? The line was extremely long to get in. Everybody was anticipating the show. and til a few days after, people were still tweeting about it. Lemme show you why.

Oxygen likes collaborating with awesome artists. They did one with photographer Roy Macam before – using his photographs as the designs. this time around, they worked with Barcelona-based illustrator/designer Marcela Guiterez.  See those shirts? Those are by Marcela. AND just look at those black skirts. Loved the ones that are sheer and the one with the thigh-high slit. Especially since Alyssa’s mantra is “the more skin, the better.” Totally kidding. don’t quote me on that. But I really did like the skirts!

The styling was also superb. I like how they played with tops that are asymmetrical. The styling was simple – the only accessories I saw were ties and belts. But the outfits were still striking. I, for one, am a fan of minimalist/no accessory looks. So I admired the stylists for not feeling like they had to bathe the models in accessories.
Hello, Pauline Prieto (in high waist shorts)! Yes, she’s Patricia’s sister. Which reminds me, even the models for the show were A-MA-ZING. They had Pauline, who looks good in everything, no joke. Supermodel Danica Magpantay also walked that night. And with each set opened by Claire James, the audience was definitely in for a treat.

“First, fresh and fashion-forward,” was what Jeff said to end the show. True enough, that’s exactly what Oxygen is. Oh, Oxygen, when will you sponsor me? HAHA 

pics from philippinefashionweeklive.com