“With you right here I’m a rocketeer, let’s fly” – that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. Okay, maybe less “fly” and more “surf”?

For soooooome reason, my internet at home has been so erratic. Yesterday my router just stopped working (in the middle of me trying to send emails!) So imagine how frustrated I felt when that happened.

LUCKILY, I had my Smart Bro Rocket Plug It Chic with me. Yes, I always carry it around. So I immediately got my awesome device and was able to send the million emails I had to, and blog and do other things on the side (and very quickly too!). 😉

So today, as a thanks, I decided to honor the Rocket Chic through my outfit. 🙂

Polo, EXPRESS | Jeggings, H&M | Lace corset, AMERICAN EAGLE | Pearl necklace, sunglasses and metallic heels, FOREVER 21| White fringe necklace, ARTISTICA ROSA | Bun Spiral, GOODY

 Photos by Dan Concepcion, one of my favorite people in the world! Who visited school just to see me! (or at least, that’s what I’d like to think.) So boys and girls, meet Dan. 🙂

Oh and leave it to Dan to go to school in a Gian Romano jacket.

He looked sooooo manly too! :)) But I’m losing track here. Let’s go back to the Rocket Chic shall we?

I think I forgot to mention that the Rocket Chic is not only functional, it’s also the most fashionable gadget I have ever set my eyes on. It looks like an accessory!

showing my Rocket Chic some love with my nude lipstick! haha!

Okay, here’s what I love about it. The Rocket Plug-It Chic is definitely the choice for fashionistas! Aside from it being aesthetically awesome, it’s fast, powerful and reliable too!  It has speeds of up to 12 mbps and runs under 46 HSPA +. Smart Bro currently has 1500+ and counting HSPA + sites which you can find here, so you can easily find out where you can get the best Internet experience.

Another reason? Smart Bro is the only internet broadband service provider that is actually transparent – they have a list of its HSPA + sites. So you can check where the sites are to know where and if you can actually get signal. No false claims,  just great service.

Purchase Smart Bro’s Rocket Plug-it Chic online here. 🙂 I definitely get a #rockethigh from it. I’m sure you would too. 😉