Have you ever worn outfits that don’t let you eat? Maybe belly-baring pieces or those cinched at the waist. Or maybe you’ve thrown your jacket over your shoulders instead of actually wearing them allowing for very limited arm movement that does not include pushing one’s fork to one’s mouth. I bet we all have. But there’s nothing I like more than clothes that allow unrestricted pig-out sessions.

What I wore to eat some tacos and a sizzling platter of sisig definitely gave ample tummy room but that’s not why I wore it and not how I’ll continue to describe the look. Although honestly any piece that I can comfortably take anywhere (especially my favorite taco joint) is a keeper in my closet. I’m continuing my #InstaxStyleSeries – a new series I’m doing to change the humdrum of normal and trite OOTD posts – featuring this skirt by designer Eunice Sason. It deceptively looks like denim but is actually really soft and roomy. It’s circular but with higher side hems that not only show off a little leg but also equate for an interesting detail.

Eunice also has these leather collared chiffon crop tops that I probably should’ve gotten and worn with this skirt but regrettably didn’t. You still can though here. There are also some cool short suits up for grabs in her Pre-Holiday ’14 collection so you best be clicking.

Probably going to wear this skirt in 20 more different permutations so don’t call me out on it. Some pieces are made for just that – repeating.

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