Wasn’t supposed to go to SMX last Tuesday because 1) SMX is sooooooo far. 2) it was super traffic that night since it was BEP’s concert. and 3) SMX is FAR!!! but but but when I found out that my good friend/amazing budding designer Dan Concepcion was gonna help style the SM Ladies’ Fashion show along with his boss, Gian Romano (remember I talked about him here and wore him here?) I knew I had to drag my lazy ass all the way to SMX to support Dan <3 (Dan, btw, if you’re reading this, please sign up for Twitter already. thank you!)

Here are some pics from the show (the pics of the clothes are all from Stylebible.ph. My own shots weren’t that great.) The show started with a collection that was all-white. I couldn’t really tell the differences of the pieces that much – mostly blazers and shorts –  but the general look was clean and sophisticated.

SM Ladies holiday 2011 photos by Yayay de Castro from Stylebible.ph

Here are my favorite pieces from the SM Ladies Holiday 2011 collection. Colors were mostly blacks, grays, golds and whites. I love the first dress. It kinda reminds me of Topshop with the embellished peter pan collar (but of course, it’s gonna ba waaaay more affordable here.)  I like how the second outfit was styled and how they toned down the gold pants. And that gold corseted dress? I want. The collection had a lot of dresses and items that one would wear to parties over the holidays. I want those gold pants and those two dresses!

SM Spring Summer 2012 photos by Yayay de Castro from Stylebible.ph

The Spring Summer collection was so different from the holiday one. haha The outfits were extremely colorful – you know, the in-your-face kind (but in a good way). There were also a lot of blazers but the general vibe was fun. They also had a selection of bikinis/one-piece swimsuits, mostly in black and white, that would be nice to sport around the beach. and their maxi dresses? The maxis are beautiful. Just check out that red one above. 😉

SM Parisian photos by Yayay de Castro from Stylebible.ph

and of course, I bet a lot of the people who watched were anticipating the shoes. and these two are my favorites from Parisian. <3 I can’t wait to go to Parisian to shop. Seriously.  Especially now that Rajo Laurel just did a collaboration with them. Rajo’s designs weren’t part of the show but still. Those faux fur boots are calling out to me. haha

Guess who showed up after. Daniel Concepcion. <3 With his ”director staff’ pass. 🙂 I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU. I love thee, beks <3 Congratulations to you and Gian and the rest of the team for doing an awesome job at styling 😀

and here’s Dan Concepcion and Cassie Hipolito (channeling Ms. Amina Aranaz! haha)

The huuuuge group of gorgeous SoFA girls <3 Sam Mendiola, Patricia Prieto, Tracy Ayson, Rocky de Castro, Danika Navarro, Nicky Roa, Tippi Sy, Cassie Hipolito, Flor Trinidad and myself 🙂

okay, smaller group this time. Pat, Sam, Rocks, A, Flor and Cassie 🙂

and the girls I terribly miss: Dan, Tipper and Patrish. Show yourselves soon, please! 🙁

and a final picture with Sir Danilo Franco. 🙂

After show pics were taken by Paul Mendoza (thank you! 🙂 )

more PFW posts to follow! 😉