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sperry-watches-alyssa-lapid5I think I’ve snubbed a lot of watch brands throughout the years because I’ve found little things about myself I nitpick. One in particular being my extra-tiny wrists – which to be honest are so disproportional to the rest of my body and so deceiving of both my actual food intake and corresponding waist line. Don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of inhaling involved to get a semi-decent photo. Although why I keep wearing midriff-baring tops is something I don’t understand myself. Maybe the confidence fools people. Skin is cunning that way.

You know, I’ve always self-diagnosed myself, be it medical or something completely rooted in the subjective. For instance, I mandated that my wrists can only be adorned by thin, dainty, bracelet-like watches so chunky timepieces were always out of the question. I even hesitated to attend the Sperry Topsider’s launch of timepieces mostly because I didn’t think I’d find anything I actually liked or, more importantly, that would suit my tiny frames.

But certain things are my drugs and sea creatures top the list of my weaknesses. A little seahorse graced the face of one of the new watches and I was smitten. Smitten enough to wear it ceaselessly even at home, trying to gauge if, in fact, my wrist can bear something as big. And, if one asks one’s mom, one will almost always get a positive, oftentimes exaggerated, nudge in the right direction. So,¬†like the obedient daughter that I am, I took her “it suits you!” to heart.

If you also have small wrists, I say give thick watches a go, preferably those with seahorses to always rebut your argument that said timepiece is masculine. Because admit it, that enters your head too.

Or better yet, ask your mother if it looks good on you. Now, that always works.


Sperry Topsider watches are now available at the SM Accessories department of any SM Department Store nationwide*