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Feeling sartorially bipolar recently alternatively purchasing bohemian and street looks. A maxi dress one day and sneaks another, I find sartorial variety necessary to keep creative. Oftentimes we (or at least I) let style labels dictate what not to wear (I don’t like looking like everyone else), but I’ve realized that it’s amazing not to care about labels and fashion stereotypes. We all have a style spectrum and we all play within that range. Unless your style is ‘trendy’, then your range is much wider and encompasses a bunch of different popular silhouettes, colors and items.

Treading the street spectrum of my current tastes, I got new sneakers and a new bucket hat. I can’t seem to resist buying sneakers whenever I walk into a Nike store which should serve as a warning for me not to enter anymore. Impulses don’t always lead to proper usage especially when it comes to heavy rubber footwear. Seriously. I usually wear them twice and then they’re forgotten. I guess I was mostly swayed by terrific salespeople who, when they saw me try the pair on, were all “She rockin’ it!” Plus, the shoes were on sale.

The bucket hat from Vanguard bore a similar impulse-ridden story though without compliments this time. The Pacsun store had a buy one, get three free sale that would make any binge shopper go crazy. So while I was busy looking at discounted pieces (because, #budget), I saw this full-priced hat and knew I had to have it. Sometimes my choices are questionable but I guess I just have to live with them and, at the very least, photograph the fruits of my literal labor.

What I did feel 100% certain purchasing though was this top from Canadian brand Me To We known for its socially-centered thrust. Giving back while shopping is a sure-fire way to make shoppers feel good about any purchase. More brands need to be eco-friendly and socially responsible to help communities.

… and effectively guilt people into $ale$.

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photos by Jordyn Rosario