I’m pretty nocturnal as it is. I know it’s not ideal but my brain seems to work best after the clock strikes 12. Dub me an inverse Cinderella if you may with my beautiful sparkling pumps taking me to the palace of productivity (unfortunately minus the prince charming, but consequent income is way better than a knight in shining armor). I’ve actually been wondering why I haven’t been wearing sunglasses lately even if it’s my guilty pleasure. Disposable ones are a weakness of mine (along with lipsticks and cheese fries). After much investigation, I realized it’s because I don’t get to go out much with the sun still up. But since summer has forcibly made its way into all of our lives with rays burning bright (or just burning), I am committing to tweaking my vampiric tendencies and going out more with the sun still up lugging around some of my favorite new sunnies I have yet to enjoy. (Before my mom, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, grabs all of them. She already has her eye on my flash lens [upper left] pair.)

Sunglasses (Clockwise): Flash lens by Fly Shades, Brown sunnies by Fly Shades, Tortoiseshell cat eye by Sunnies by Charlie, Black round lenses by Fly Shades

Photos by Ralph Mendoza