I think I’ve been delaying blogging about the book because I don’t know how to do it justice. Another reason being I’m not sure how to translate how the process of putting the book together – to transcribing parts, to seeing the book for the very first time, to finally launching it at Fully Booked – inspired me. And I do know that if I merely share pics of the launch in my blog you won’t see the passion behind it and it wouldn’t be as inspiring as it should be. That being said, I will focus on the launch now, and when I settle down, will try to score an interview with the gorgeous authors to capture that essence. Okay? 😉


A video that I think you should watch. DONT LEAVE THIS POST WITHOUT WATCHING IT. 🙂

So when Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera, the gorgeous girls of u92’s The Dollhouse, left the radio, they didn’t exactly leave for good. A year later, they ended up coming out with UNSCRIPTED, a compilation of several interviews they had with the Real OGs they got to talk to in their show (OG being Original Gangster, a pioneer in his/her respective field). A few names include Imelda Marcos, Gang Badoy, Carlos Celdran, Kuya Germs, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Jim Paredes, Raimund Marasigan and other big names.

They (or rather, we) finally launched the book at Fully Booked, High Street last Dec. 15. It started with the press con – which was pretty intimate, then the launch proper with the OGs and all the playmates and the people who love the Dolls. 🙂

intern lovin! Flor and myself

Paul Mendoza being a fan boy. 😉 btw, happy birthday! 🙂

Our favorite DJ, DJ Nix Damn P

Florian Trinidad (wearing Dan Duran!), Dondi Belen (the talent behind the necklace I was wearing that day), Dan Concepcion (a regular here haha) and Nico Gozos, photographer and fellow Miss-Match Style Correspondent 🙂 Thank you all for coming. <3

with the gorgeous Margaux 🙂

with my boss! 🙂 lalalala

my favorite people in the world. Thank you guys so much for coming and supporting <3 I love you all to tiny little bits. 🙂 Dan ConcepcionRocky de CastroDanika NavarroTippi Sy

There you go. 🙂 I promise to post about the book sometime soon. Lemme try to get an interview first. 😉