This was supposed to be posted last night before heading to the Penshoppe show but it didn’t go through so let me make this a quick after-show post instead. I’m rather excited for the brand and the new route it’s going to take – as evidenced by last night’s show. Hopefully I could do a quick q&a with Jeff Bascon who is now responsible for rearing the brand’s head in what I forecast to be a rather forward (fashion, I mean) direction. It’s been rather hectic recently as evidenced by a lack of time to actually just sit and blog but there are about three posts already waiting to be written so one day I would just overwhelm you with an absurd amount of text – that hopefully you’d still read.

It’s rather fitting to be writing about a top from the same brand I just saw, Penshoppe – totally unintended but interesting to note nonetheless. Played it up a little by finally wearing this Lauren Conrad skirt I’ve been keeping in my luggage since purchase. Love gritting beaded stuff out with one of the most casual finds in my closet plus an outfit shot area with graying walls.

In other news, I wish Photoshop somehow had filter options a la Instagram to make life a little better – albeit mostly in a brighter shade of yellow. Photography classes are in order, I think. Then this site could be filled with tons more color and not just washed out shades of gray. In time.