Resisting the urge to talk about innocence and how to bastardize it by…There. Resisted.

Instead, let’s talk about innocence and how to re-create it. Sort of. This might sound more serious than it should but having read three children’s letters to Obama about gun violence (nothing too tear-provoking) and after eavesdropping on a whole party-bus conversation where the older kid points out a pole in the bus and the younger kid answers, quite knowingly, that it’s a safety feature for people to hold on to when the bus stops/turns/swerves abruptly, I found myself smiling, looking back on all those days when my only concern was Barbie’s outfit and my outlook wasn’t tainted by everything it’s tainted with now. My taints shall remain unshared for the time being. Innocence is beautiful and it seems so much clearer (and kinder) a perspective.

And it’s probably naive of me to try and capture that innocence or, at the very least, remember by donning this beautiful white lace dress. Especially since it didn’t work, trust me. What I did achieve, however, was turning that purity into something a bit more feral – black boots, black sunglasses, a black purse (well, did you really expect otherwise?) 

But can you blame me for trying? Oh, what I’d give to see the world with (re)fresh(ed) eyes.

…and curl up with my Barbies, obviously.

Dress, bag and rings, H&M | Boots, ALDO | Earrings, LAUREN CONRAD | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN