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If you read some recent rambles, you would probably already know that I have no clue how to wear my hair anymore. I liken my mane to a Magic 8 Ball – so unpredictable and insanely bipolar I never know what type of hair day I’ll be having ’til my hair actually dries. Found a quick solution: headbands. Been wearing garter ones but they sometimes pull too tight. My new obsession is this vintage style top-knot headband. Makeshift fabrics are currently being abused ’til I find the perfect purchase. My safest makeshift suggestion would be a thin scarf you can twist and knot. (Just tie those loose ends at the top if you’re not into those bows flailing around.) 

It was only appropriate to commemorate my newfound dainty bad hair day remedy with an all-pink ensemble. Maybe it has something to do with my recently downloaded 90s playlist complete with Aqua, Spice Girls, TLC, Michelle Branch, The Corrs and a bunch more. Aqua’s Barbie Girl is probably to blame for this sudden burst of blush. Apparently life in plastic is so fantastic, how in the world could I resist? Barbie can get pretty convincing. Coincidentally, I bumped into a bunch of Golden ABC designers, a few of which happened to be the same ones who designed this ForMe top. It was nice getting to see the people whose creativity you sport. Hopefully they enjoyed seeing (me?) their creations worn by a complete  stranger.

I would like to end with an announcement: I am now a newly converted headband person so you’ll be seeing more of this (probably with less pink). Or I could always just chop my hair off. Again.

Also, I should probably share my playlist with you next time to remind you all of the decade of boy bands, fully exposed bellies and interestingly choreographed music videos. I shall refer back to my iTunes and update you. Meanwhile, enjoy this!