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I would spend the rest of my days in front of the sea if I could. But I won’t jump in right away unless I’m certain there’s wifi or at least a working satellite. Remote islands make me anxious and not knowing what’s going on in the outside world (I’m highly paranoid as a person) makes it even worse. I just want to be within reach, you know? But only by those I want to reach me. Texters sending loan or housing proposals are not welcome in my little paradise. Nor in my daily life.

But spending my days at the beach means I need lots and lots (and I mean lots) of bikinis. My thrifty tip is to hoard H&M bikinis when they go on sale. You can’t beat $3 bikinis. The catch is the odds of being able to buy them in pairs are pretty low but mixing and matching is a thing and separates still work well especially if you plan on covering half a region – your torso with a shirt or the lower half of your body with high waist skirts or shorts.

In Manila, I’ve been finding it difficult to get bikinis that I really like especially since they’re pretty pricey here and the brands that make quality bikinis are scarce. I came across this Cesa bikini and knew, just from flat lays, that it’s something I’d fall in love with when worn. It actually feels more like a top I’d willingly buy in an overpriced retail store. The fact that it is wettable is but an added bonus.

If you have an enviable budget and have the means (aka the geographic advantage), check out Zimmerman, my absolute favorite. I don’t know which countries sell it but I don’t think it’s available here. Plus, the average bikini is approximately $250 – such a far cry from my $3 H&M pro-tip. Triangl is also a pretty amazing brand and they do deliver worldwide, I believe. If you’re in the Philippines, Cesa is pretty high up my list of bikini brands. I do suggest you check them out. I also got a new monokini from them that’s unbelievably sexy even for a one-piece that I’ve actually already worn it on a night out with jeans. I can’t wait to shoot that soon.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of me just frolicking in my new favorite bikini. Playing in the sand and in water and just having the time of my life.

At age 24, I should really start planning which beach to retire in already.

Bikini, CESA | Kimono, H&M 

Photos taken in Balesin Island for Nivea Come Closer