naflora photo2naflora photo4Let’s talk about something slightly different from our normal sartorial conversations. I’m not one to vent online about periods and cramps but make no mistake – in real life I am a pain. (A pain in pain to be more accurate.) I often think about blogging period-safe outfits out of annoyance and grievance but it would mostly constitute outfits with black leggings and other soft, stretchable things I can crawl into fetal position in. So I don’t. Because you know, a fetal position blog post may not be that enticing.

So no I won’t tell you what to wear on your “red days.” Whatever you put over your body – that’s up to you. What I will tell you is something a little more intimate because, hey, we’re that close now.

I did come across a certain brand recently that I think is worth mentioning to women of all ages. It’s not everyday I get a lecture on proper pH levels and feminine care that I figured I’d share my newfound knowledge, pretentious as I may seem, for everyone’s benefit. In my defense, the lecture on feminine care was well received by me as it also came with a pampering session and for some reason, my senses seem heightened in relaxing, prettifying environments.

Anyway, as we get older our pH needs apparently change. I’m pretty sure feminine washes are staples in everyone’s bathroom but it’s apparently not a one-for-all product and shouldn’t be. Different life stages constitute different product variants – different levels of acidity and different ingredients to aid specific needs and changes. For instance – and it may get a little TMI right here but read on, I’ll put it in layman’s terms – giving birth, infections and menopause require certain special ingredients to help moisturize and get the acidity back to the proper pH levels.

naflora-product 2

So ladies, meet naFlora. It’s the only current feminine wash brand in the Philippine market that actually caters to the specific needs of women. It has three variants, and depending on where you fall on the spectrum, you may either use 1) naFlora Protect, a product for everyday use including monthly periods/annoyances/whatever nickname you give it like Aunt Flo. (Does anyone still use that?) It’s essentially for everybody who hasn’t given birth; 2) naFlora Restore for post-childbirth and for infections; and 3) naFlora Moisture, the only feminine wash for mature women who’ve looked menopause straight in the eye and #won.

Because I have been rather obedient, although gifted with naFlora Restore I’ve only been using Protect and so far, so good. It feels absolutely gentle while also cleansing – which is something you don’t necessarily get with ordinary soap or brands. Is it weird if I said it also smells relaxing? It has tea tree extracts so the scent is awesome. (I smelled the bottle just to make sure.) Kind of what you would want as a massage oil.

Either way, me likening a feminine wash to a massage oil is a definitely good sign. Grab your own naFlora bottle to see what I mean. Post-experience sharing is totally up to you.

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For more information on naFlora you may contact [email protected]; [email protected]. Get your own bottles now at drug stores (Watson’s and Mercury) nationwide.