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Certain childhood films can have unbelievably scarring effects. For some, the torment may come in the form of unforgettable poignant scenes like in Bambi or The Lion King. For others, in the form of the most terrifying vivid scenes. Pinocchio, All Dogs Go To Heaven and Dumbo were the worst for me. I especially didn’t appreciate those scenes of – and I quote from a movie blogger- “horrifying phantasmagoria.” Remember the supposed dream scenes in Dumbo and All Dogs Go To Heaven that felt like nightmares you couldn’t get out of? I don’t know if the movies or the specific scenes were actually intended to frighten kids or teach them invaluable life lessons (such as the existence of hell) but you went dark there, Disney. For the longest time I couldn’t even look at a cartoon elephant and not cringe. Unfortunately, there are some things forever etched in my memory.

Two decades later though, I can now look at graphically rendered elephants and not feel the same paranoia I once did thanks to a recent shopping trip. I mean, the elephants – pink as they may be – are on a dress and I guess that fact alone offsets any fear attached to the unsuspecting animals. The fact that the dress is on sale made it even better. One of my favorite brands, Suiteblanco, is actually holding a promo for the month of April where every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a special item will be given a 10% discount. It really is just for the love of all things sale and to give shoppers a special something. Every single piece in this look is going on sale this week – the shoes on April 6, the dress on the 8th and, my personal favorite, the bag on the 10th.

The mechanics to avail of the promo (and stalk which of your favorite items are going on sale) are pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the @suiteblancoph Instagram account, like the photo of the item on sale and show the salesladies your double-tap to get a special 10% discount off that item upon checkout. Easy. If I could just get discounts from all their Insta photos I already willingly liked, I’d be garment-rich. I would suggest you hang around malls – preferably SM Aura or Makati – to make sure you don’t miss on discounts.

Shoutout to Suiteblanco for not only enabling shopping tendencies (read: oniochalasia) and allowing us to shower ourselves with much deserved pieces minus the guilt, but also making me aware of a childhood burden apparently already lifted.

Certain fears are still inexplainable and irreparable though like going down escalators. But that’s an issue for another day.


Here are some additional favorites from Suiteblanco. Check them out on Insta – these might just go on sale! 
Dress, bag and shoes all from SUITEBLANCO
Photography by PAUL MENDOZA
This post is in collaboration with Suiteblanco