I’m always up for the challenge of trying out new gadgets because like a true millennial, I like things that help me do things. Seriously though, any compact item that ensures efficiency and helps with producing output effortlessly is a plus in my book.

I recently came across the new ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser 5 and ASUS were generous enough to let bloggers try the newest phone. It was my first time to stray from my usual cellphone brand and its many iterations so it was honestly a pleasant surprise to come across a new phone that suits my interests and needs to a tee.

ASUS took us to Fort Bonifacio, Intramuros for a fun day of playing photographer to test out the multiple features of the phone camera for #OneDayofZen (photos above). Truly, what better place to snap photos than the heart of Manila riddled with history? After the event, I was pulled aside to answer some questions about the phone and I think it’s best for me to share some of my answers here to highlight how I feel about the new gadget.

1. What do you like about the new ASUS Zenphone?

I haven’t strayed from my usual brand for years so I was honestly surprised that the features, especially that of the camera’s, are so varied. I’m used to very few options and merely rely on post-editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed to get what I envisioned in a shot but with the new Zenphone I could actually adjust how I take the photo exactly the way I want or need.


2. What are your favorite features of the new camera?

What I love about the camera function (aside from it having 13 Megapixels), is its low-light capabilities. I’m the type to give up on taking photos once the sun has set but the clarity of the Zenphone in low light is impressive. It’s really bright. As a blogger, stellar shots are a must and the low light feature is an amazing tool to have especially in overcast Manila. There’s also a pretty cool Selfie Panorama feature. I’m not good at selfies and I never volunteer my arm because my arm can’t extend enough to accommodate a number of people. Trust me, I’ve tried. Even when taking solo shots I tend to look, if you will, big. So the fact that I can take selfie panoramas just by rotating the phone (taking up to 30 people, we tried!) is a game-changer.

Aside from these, I like cameras and even though I’m not terribly good at photography I like being able to switch my White Balance, ISO and other settings as needed and this phone has a Manual mode where I can do just that. Although, truthfully, automatic is great on its own. HDR, GIF Animation and the Night mode are some of the other modes I especially enjoyed.


See how dark it already was and how bright the photo registered on camera? 


With Ava Te, Trice Nagusara and Aileen Clarisse

3. Do you consider yourself a techie person?

No. Not at all. See, I don’t really rely on technical specs when choosing gadgets. I go by word of mouth, a friendly recommendation and design. Shallow, but true. ASUS piques my design interest, obviously (my phone is gold), but at the same time, I like how ASUS lets non-techie people like myself enjoy technical advancements by their constant pushing of the field. I didn’t even know I had the option of having certain specs and features in my phone much less my phone’s camera but I’m amazed at how these features were packaged and how easy they are to use.

Thank you, ASUS, for always pushing the boundaries in technology. The only next logical step is to add glitter, of course.