Here’s a quick breather from the Vietnam posts because 1) there’s a lot more to come and 2) talking about about it non-stop is doing nothing for my Vietnamese craving.

I’ve been hearing about this retail brand Mint for a while now but haven’t really had the chance to check it out myself until recently. Ended up getting a bunch of stuff – mostly tried and tested casual silhouettes (button downs, shirts, tanks) packed with a fun punch. This Love top was paired with a lady-like skirt to amp up what I would imagine a leading lady in a dated rom-com would wear. Because “Love,” duh. Not that I can name a leading lady right now. Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits is all I can think of at the moment and I don’t necessarily remember her wearing anything dainty.

And because my mind is drawing a blank, I’ll make sure my next outfit will resonate with somebody with a little more recall. Angelina, perhaps? Although then leg-toning would be necessary. We’ll see how I fare in the celebrity department. In the meantime I’ll probably watch more movies to help my Hollywood know-how.

There is a 95% chance my next Mint outfit persona would resonate with someone like Wolverine though. You know, just a wild guess.

…Anyone wanna bet?

Top, MINT | Denim skirt, ZARA | Flats, COLE VINTAGE