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Ever since Spanish label Suiteblanco has set up shop in the PI I’ve been waiting for more branches to open because 1) I’m selfish and want access to amazing clothes at every possible turn and 2) because I realized Suiteblanco shopping, in particular, is the brain equivalent of the Olympics or, if you will, the tri-wizard tournament circa Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (not to mention actual physical Olympics in the form of sprinting, weight lifting, and a full-body workout regimen in trying on clothes – and a workout that doesn’t feel like one is always a good thing.)

Before I share how, first, let’s lay down what happened. The #PreviewShopsSuiteblanco event in the newly opened branch in SM Makati started with a fashion show and ended with a shopping party which kind of takes gold in terms of party-throwing. I now refuse to go to parties without the possibility of taking merchandise home. Sorry @RavenMNL and reminiscent college friends.

Hosted by Suiteblanco’s Ambassador, Kim Jones, the Fall looks styled by the Preview team sashayed down the runway giving us ample time to take mental note of which styles we found particularly cute. Not that it helped as most, if not all, were. There were coats, sweaters and jackets for the cold, gorgeous dresses, intricate skirts and a surprisingly wide denim line. Accessories were also present including racks upon racks of covetable shoes.

And as the shopping party commenced, the goal was simple: to shop what we loved. But what was supposed to be all confetti in my mind turned into a cross between a struggle and a slayer’s arena. I did mention brain Olympics. Challenges a la Harry Potter (‘coz the reference is more fun and I just saw Potted Potter) below.

1. Endorphins VS. Cortisol

See, Suiteblanco shopping is an effective form of stress-reliever. Each item tried on that fits both you and your budget balances out extreme spurts of cortisol (the stress hormone.) So much better than app-mandated self-hypnosis.

Also, shopping gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.  Suiteblanco reaps even more endorphins because the merchandise is awesome and better merchandise equals more endorphins so Elle Woods’ philosophy rings even truer. While these are obviously benefits, it shows how kick-ass my neurons are in its internal combats. Challenge number 1: slayed.

2. Throwbacks to Math Class

During the opening, Suiteblanco threw a whopping 20% discount on all items. Consequently, more and more I’m reaffirmed that my predilection towards math started by way of sales and any opportunity to #throwback to math class and make use of equations will always make the geek in me very happy.

If you aren’t a geek and hate math but love sales, here’s a sale equation made simple. This is given that there is 1) a discount, 2) a pre-determined shopping budget and 3) that your personality leans more towards the “how much more can I get with the discount?” versus “how much am I saving?”

New Shopping Budget = Old Shopping Budget / (1 – decimal discount)

Or if you’re more of the latter and just want to know how much you’re saving it’s:

Savings = Old price X decimal discount

New amount = Old price X (1 – decimal discount)

You’re welcome. Second challenge, literally solved.

3. Logical Reasoning and Discernment 

Shopping is fun. You witness how effective you are at lying to yourself (e.g., you need more clothes; you have nothing in this color.)

Most of the time, I give in. Sometimes, I harness whatever logic I have left (e.g. but you have no money) and call it a day. Throw friends into the mix and your judgment is clouded even more. Mine are such enablers everything I touch or am about to is “cute” and “so me.” Devils incarnate on each shoulder, your discernment is not only honed but constantly put to use. Not to mention your decisiveness. #Gemini

Challenge three: slayed but mostly in the dressing room. Alone. And with the help of a full length-mirror.

So if the event was a competition, I probably wouldn’t bag a medal because I am a slow shopper. Kidding! I’m competitive. I have to. In the end though, with bags of new outfits, everybody was a winner. Even without the pretext of any contest, it was a great event with happy guests and now even happier closets.

Photos and corresponding posts of what I snagged to follow. Meanwhile, you should go check out the new Suiteblanco store in SM Makati. You won’t be disappointed. Preview shops there, I shop there, even my mom shops there. You should be next.