I daresay you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t gotten wind of the previous Rajo Laurel collaboration with SM Parisian. Giving you time to keep up and informing you weeks in advance that he is doing another one. Eeeeep! To understand how exciting this is for me, imagine me going all fan-girl on him that time he gave a talk in SoFA – yes, complete with a “can I take a picture with you?” moment and a stab of disappointment by not bringing anything he could’ve signed. Yes, an autograph would’ve been great (Universal Studio/Disneyland characters suddenly coming to mind.) My arm would’ve been an okay canvass, I do not get how I did not think of that.

A big leap from my rambling, let me just say that, like me, you also have that chance to be a fan-girl! Or if it isn’t your ‘thing’, I’m sure 2 pairs of shoes from his new collection would do. Sets of 2 tickets to his launch are also up for grabs. And you know what, to be quite honest with you, this is the easiest contest I’ve done so far.

Contest Mechanics:

1) Follow @SMParisian on Twitter

2) Follow @alyssalapid on Twitter

2) Tweet a photo of yourself in your most stylish Parisian shoes, use a short photo caption and tag @SMParisian (using twitpic, Instagram, lockerz, etc.) You can post as many entries as you want starting September 3 until September 16 only.

*The contest is open to all Philippine residents with a Twitter account

All entries will be aggregated in the official Facebook fanpage of Parisian. I will be choosing my top 5 picks. The top 5 that I choose will receive 2 invites each (for the winner and a friend) to the launch of Rajo! for Parisian on 25 September 2012 at the SMX Convention Center.

Rajo and the SM team will then choose the top 3 winners (from the different blogger picks). Each winner will receive 2 free pairs of shoes (of their choice) from the new collections, which they can get from the launch event. Winners who aren’t able to attend the launch may pick up their prizes from SM at a later date.

The finalists will be announced on September 19 2012 and the top 3 winners will be announced on September 21, 2012 on all the SM Parisian accounts.

Start tweeting everyone.