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Christmas may be over but I refuse to put a stop on certain festivities. Everybody seems to be in a good mood (especially those with long breaks, I’ve noticed) that it’s nice to end the year surrounding yourself with cheery loved ones and cap off 2014 on a sparkling note.

But with a line up of festivities – including those I’ve initiated on some level – comes an itinerary packed with errands and last minute party hauls. I think my trips to the supermarket have tripled over the past 2 weeks but I’m not necessarily complaining. Any opportunity to impulse buy snacks will always be met with open arms. And an agreeable attitude equates to even more impulse buys ’til my cart is an avalanche of edibles not in line with my 2015 resolution to eat healthy.

I wore a 90s reminiscent outfit to a grocery run yesterday to quickly take me from supermarket chic to a casual gathering. Jelly shoes are so annoyingly childlike yet annoyingly irresistible. A glitter-bombed one even more so. I figured I’d wear the hell out of them before I turn another year older lest I get the stink eye from those who know my real age. Or carded by sales clerks who don’t. I’m not quite sure until when I can pull off junior garments. Although my mom did reveal to me earlier that she wore crop tops ’til a certain questionable mark. Makes me think outfit regression is in my genes and that I am not an anomaly after all.

Still, taken out of the jelly pairing, the dress is actually¬†such an easy, no-brainer dress that I’ve been throwing on relatively often. You know, even more than my grocery trips. But that should come as no surprise to you as outfits and pieces are often repeated in this corner of the blog-o-sphere. Cost-per-wear logic & an addictive personality are a killer (not to mention practical) combo in closet pairing.

But I expect nothing less from an Oxygen piece. Repeatability and favorite-ability (can this be a word?) are the brand’s transcending traits after all.

Dress, OXYGEN | Jelly Shoes, RUBI (shoutout to Jordyn who rekindled my love for jelly shoes)