I present: swimsuit post #1,302,934.

I’ve actually never really posted bikini photos prior to this recent Boracay trip but now I can’t seem to do otherwise nor force my body back into clothes that are meant to stay dry. Don’t worry though, the next stops in my itinerary consist mostly of concrete and would therefore demand I step out of the string-ed things I’ve come to love so much.

This particular one from Cesa is a little bit different though – it’s not cut in two. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore a one-piece. It was probably in 1997, I was in grade 2 and my only pool outfit option was a hot pink bathing suit pretty much similar to every other 7-year old’s. I then graduated to a tankini and finally, the bikini variation we’ve all been seeing (too much of, I think).

Now it’s back to regular programming, boys and girls. Expect more clothed outfits ’til I get another taste of sun and sand. Or chlorine. I’ll take whichever comes first.

One-piece, CESA | Denim jacket, LEVI’S | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN