Being home on a Friday night listening to inspiring songs (which may or not may fall on the TOP 40 list – I’ll leave you to guess, and maybe, judge) isn’t necessarily as bad as the grandmother/loner/loser lifestyle image it paints.

I think it’s rather fitting to be blogging about an outfit that completely depicts how I’m currently feeling – untroubled, at peace and ready (one of those rare occasions). If you see how those things are resonated by this tie-dye top and the rest of the garments I’m donning, then great – my mind isn’t imagining connections. If not, it’s probably just my nth cup of coffee playing tricks on me. (It can also be the Atenean in me trying to bola my way out of a blog post.) But seriously, I mentioned in a recent post that I haven’t touched a backpack since grade school, I also haven’t necessarily paired black and brown in a while (not that it’s as big a deal as a decade-long backpack disconnect but worth mentioning still) and haven’t worn anything that resembles a “duster” – the very dubbing of this reaffirmed by my mom and my aunt who bought several similar pieces for themselves (to be worn at home, of course, which I should’ve found offensive but didn’t) – all of which, in my eyes, signify some sense of acceptance of the unfamiliar/external chaos. Maybe it was the “Happiness Assessment” meeting I had with my good friend earlier. Maybe it’s the Glee Regionals episode I just watched (it involved The Script’s Hall of Fame and New Directions winning). Whatever it is, I am thankful. Been realizing a bunch of stuff recently that I really do want to share – I’m just waiting for my fingers (well, me) to be inspired enough to type and get my point across. There’s a very specific feeling I want to leave you with and my brain has to be wired right to achieve that.

I also realized I just unloaded on you a really long run-on and it probably got confusing by the second word BUT how I’m feeling now – all positive and happy – is rendering complete disregard for sentence construction and, ultimately, sentence comprehension. I promise to make sense real soon.

Let me leave you with this – I think we all need carefree, uncalled for, tie-dye work outfits (metaphorically or literally) once in a while. Sending positivity from my screen to yours.

Top from Bali | Shorts, FOREVER 21 | Backpack, CLAIRE’S | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN

ph by Mike Gella