romper2 romper1

Dropping in real quick to update you on life – mine, at least. Been out and about lately, the most recent placement being Clark, Pampanga for the #Smart7107 International Music Festival. But aside from me being physically on the move, driving to and fro (much to my chagrin – driving doesn’t really derive any sort of pleasure), I also feel like I’m in metaphorical transit – moving from point F to point G (or whatever consecutive favorite letters you have in mind) in the journey of life and am definitely feeling the transition.

Consider this outfit a physical manifestation of that. The beanie paired with the romper can be viewed as temperature-confused, but I’d like to defend it as a transitional outfit – where cold meets summer and therefore gives way to more exposed parts while keeping parts that need to be kept warm exactly that.

And if you’d contest my body’s state of mind rebutting with a blatant “but it’s been so hot lately”, I have the weekend in Pampanga to prove that even the weather is transitional and decidedly indecisive. And if the weather can be wishy-washy I am most definitely also allowed to be so. I would like to strengthen my argument by stating that I am 1) a Gemini and 2) a woman so, really, neither of us can expect otherwise.

Romper, FOREVER 21 | Heels, SUITEBLANCO | Beanie, COTTON ON | Bag, ROCKS *doing a fun thing with this brand can’t wait to share once done*