Spent a day store-hopping with DanikaLissaTinTracy and Pax. Well that, and taking outfit shots, getting mani pedis and everything in between.

Our first stop? Unica Hija. Here’s what we gathered from the enticing visual display plus the styling competition the brand prepared for us – Unica Hija is a store for the modern Filipina with their trendy, colorful and youthful pieces. The difficulty was in figuring out what to get – we were overwhelmed by the wide array of clothes and accessories. We worked it out though, yes we did.

Now the second stop. ViseVersa, with their multitude of blazers, pencil skirts, dresses and office tops, caters to the working woman. If you aren’t bound by a 9-5, like myself, don’t fret – they also carry casual pieces that the non-corporate woman in us can relate to. When you need to dress smartly though, this is definitely the place to visit. Bartney Stinson dressing for the ladies. 😉

We had a blast and obviously had our fill of amazing pieces. Thank you, Unica Hija and Viseversa for this wonderful treat.

All pictures from Danika, Tracy and Tin