Okay, my title is totally unimaginative. 😐 But it’s 12 AM and my brain’s not working anymore and I just really wanted to show you what I wore today for our Bohemian themed Fashion Fridays. (I will come up with an awesome title next time, promise. Or at least I’ll try to.) 😀

Took outfit shots with Pat, Dan, Kryz, Raf, Rocky and Flor earlier. Yes, it was one long shoot. But we had fun, of course, especially while watching Rafa do jumpshots a la Kryz Uy =))

here are some of my pics taken by the gorgeous Patricia Prieto. Thank you sooooo much, love! <3

okay, I know I’m ugly in this pic, but whatever. It’s so rare that I look like I’m having fun in pictures that I included it. hahaha DONT make fun of me. 😐 hahaha

here’s a pic of me with some of my favorite people EVER. The girl on the left is Rocky, she makes the awesome accessories that I was wearing in the pics. If you look closely, you’ll see that she’s wearing my necklace in this pic. HMP. hahaha And the handsome guy between us is Dan Con. I looooove talking to him about our life plans and dreams. Plus, he totally gets me and my issues coz we’re so similar. HAHAHA I love these two to bits! 😀

OH OH OH, and I got featured in Stylebible.ph today for this week’s Blogger Challenge. If my title doesnt give the trend away I don’t know what will. 😐 hahaha  So since they were featuring FRINGE this week I took a pic of earlier’s outfit. Much to my surprise, the feature was released hours later. 😀 #whatisfast haha Here it is. 🙂

Alyssa Lapid
Blog: My Beautiful World

What made you want to try to wear fringe?
I wore fringe to school (SoFA – School of Fashion and the Arts) once because we had a Bohemian inspired theme one Friday. I thought fringe was very Bohemian and more interesting than tribal prints.

How do you build your outfit around it?
Since fringe really pops out, it’s best to start with that and try to wear more basic pieces to highlight it.

How do you balance your outfit to avoid making it look over-the-top?
I just wore a fringe crochet top over a black plain top and shorts to make it less messy. But I tried to layer by wearing a vest and completed the look with boots. Basic and neutral colors also help if you don’t want it to look over the top.

How do you accessorize?
I tried to make the look cohesive by wearing Boho inspired pieces like crochet accessories; layered feathers would also be nice for this.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
There are so many ways to try fringe. You can make try wearing fringe with shorts to make it seem causal, or wear it with a maxi skirt at night. You could also make it edgy if you use a fringed black bag or fringed boots.

Alyssa wore a fringe crochet top from Hong Kong, black shirt from H&M, a Forever 21 vest and shorts with boots from Parfois, a bag from China and House of Rocks accessories.

If you want to see the full feature, just click HERE. Other bloggers featured were Camille Co, Reg Rodriguez, Aisa Ipac and Kryz Uy. 🙂 Thank you thank you to Stylebible and Jacque for this. 🙂

So…any thoughts on this trend? 🙂