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My first SF post features a very tourist me. Hopped on to Lake Elizabeth and the Golden Gate bridge and made optimal use of both beautiful backgrounds and the arduous drive by taking a ludicrous amount of photos (only to be filtered by my overparticular eye – not art-based, just intuition (read:face?) based).

The only time I actually pre-coordinated outfits was also the time my luggage’s contents bit me in the ass come California. For some particular reason, I was fooled into thinking it wasn’t gonna be cold (it was) and that I could wear my summer outfits to my hearts content (I couldn’t but that’s what I packed anyway). I had but one jacket (photographed above) to get me through the chills and the wind. I even had a dialogue with myself about the state of my “party” outfits (terrible – that section in my closet is basically non-existent) so I had to buy a couple pieces back in Michigan. Needless to say they were left in the suitcase along with all the other beautiful sheer things I own. Had no choice but to suck it up and wear this sheer polo and skirt combo though as the sole pair of pants I wore was already being used too much and, well, that was already getting disgusting.

Still, despite my incapacity to flail my body around thanks to the unnerving cold, San Francisco was a blast. Photo diaries up next.

Next time, I am totally sacrificing light luggage for the right luggage. People who pack light are the most mysterious type of people to me. (Do they only wear one pair of shoes? Do they wear very few pieces and mix and match? How in the world is it even possible to fit three decent outfits in a suitcase that size? Do they not have different outfits for day and night? What about their beauty products?) I could go on. Trust me. (Tell me you judge them too?)

I’m certain about one thing though, they for sure anticipated the weather. Made me appreciate the weather in my home state more. Who would have thought.