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A recent shopping trip to Giordano introduced me to the concept of a retro Summer – one reverberating in the new collection. With clothes in tow, I felt challenged to recreate my own concept interpretation. See, the theme of a retro Summer to me initially meant a rainbow of orange hues rendered by the sun, 50s style bathing suits with women with elegantly coiffed hair and all the right junk in all the right places. Think: Marilyn Monroe on a beach. But despite having some tempting ideas on how to recreate that, I figured I should instead focus on what a retro summer means to me, a 21st century, digitally-addicted woman.

Now, while I remember horrific memories of camping, tasteless vienna sausage, unwittingly bringing home a giant caterpillar and falling from a log (don’t ask), I actually don’t remember ever doing a picnic for fun with food I really like with company I enjoy. So before Summer ends, I figured I might as well mount this dream of an activity I’ve had since time immemorial and prep a makeshift picnic with my favorite cheeses, spicy salami, fruits and wine. A spread of blankets and food was exactly what I needed to unwind last weekend, decked in my new Giordano outfit, of course. Full disclosure: I consumed almost 200 grams of salami (I am a salami eating machine, it’s not a pretty sight), laughing in between bites under the veils of a glorious sunset. It was a magical picnic and I can’t wait to do it again.

If you’re thinking of an activity to try, why don’t you spend an afternoon mounting a picnic. It’s so worth the UV exposure and the mosquito bites come dusk. Or you can just go to the nearest deli and prepare yourself a feast, without the commitment of being entrenched in grass. Up to you. But a #retrosummer themed activity is a pretty smart itinerary add-on. You’re welcome.

Photos by Paul Mendoza
Top and shorts both from Giordano. This post is in collaboration with Giordano.