There was a point post-graduation I thought I would never touch sneakers again. One, no more dance prac and 2, more importantly, no more P.E. I don’t know why I was never a die-hard sneaker fan despite seeing hordes upon hordes of people lining up for the latest ones.

Heels were the only option then. Even my high school leather shoe had a measly two-inch heel that clacked all over the room. I honestly don’t know what changed. Maybe it was the realization that avoiding blisters was much more important to me than faking height (band-aids are now a staple in my bag). Or maybe, age is creeping up to me with the idea of comfort becoming much more appealing as each birthday goes by.

OR, and this is the reason I would like to defend most, sneakers are being given a fashionable facelift and I may not be lining up like the rest of the die-hard solely-sneaker-wearing (pun not intended) dudes, but I’m definitely noticing and now even wearing them rubber soles. (Remember Isabel Marant’s Bekkets that reignited the wedge sneaker revolution?)

I’m new to this though, so my new white World Balance sneakers were worn with something familiar – sweatpants. Maybe I took the athletic notion too literally. But I don’t know, I feel like I’m warming up to sweatpants just as much as I’m warming up to sneakers. (Again, pun not intended but they keep coming). I’ve actually been wearing sweatpants out more than I ever thought I would and I think sneakers might just be next addition to my unexpected daily-wear.

Want proof? These World Balance sneakers are lined up in my car for easy grabbing. And my car’s line up is like the line up in the hierarchy of Alyssa’s shoe closet.

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