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I just wanted to drop in real quick to share something new in my life – a new website called wecreativenatives.com. It’s one of the projects I’ve been working on over at Pormada and I’m so honored and ecstatic to be able to write alongside some amazing people, namely, Sarah Meier, Kelly Misa, Brent Javier and Jon Heredia. Got my own column – tackling topics that entail deep-seated debates with myself, ideas I’m very passionate about but maybe am a little too shy to share here (I do like to keep it light generally), where my feet take me (so expect a lot of travel posts) and little observations about style and trends.

It’s already an amalgam of topics – from Sarah’s musings, Kelly’s how-tos, Brent’s fitness life and Jon’s reviews – so I do suggest you visit, bookmark and let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, do check out my latest post on Digital Dating – just my two cents. Feel free to rebut and enlighten. More often than not, I want nothing more than to understand. So join our conversation and hopefully you enjoy it enough to stay.

and as a little peek:


Digital Dating: Gift to mankind or, IDK, us just being lazy?

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See you, fellow creative native?