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As promised, here’s the first photo diary from the Bay Area. Somewhat dreaded going to all the photos – we took a lot of the exact same things. Anyway, flew to San Francisco to meet with my bestest friends Diane and Nadz. (To refresh your memory and because I like sharing it, the three of us (well, four actually, Geoanna, our other friend couldn’t make it) met in freshman year in Ateneo and ended up being the closest of friends. Come sophomore year we all parted ways – Nadz moved to Czech Republic, Diane to LA and Geoanna and I both shifted to different courses. 7 years later we’re even closer and we see each other every chance we get not letting geographical boundaries get in the way.) Been planning on meeting up every time I’d visit MI but our schedules never really matched – ’til now.

I think I’ve only been to San Francisco once prior to this trip with my only memory being that of grape picking. (I was a child, forgive me. Upon later consultation with my mother, I found out it was at Napa. What does it say that my sole memory was that of wine town?) Anyway, went downtown a couple times to shop at Powell, eat at the Cheesecake Factory and re-assess our lives in Union Square. We also drove to see the Golden Gate bridge which was beautiful (but cold).

All the way in Fremont we enjoyed the popular crab shack with a hefty serving of the most amazingly sauced shrimp then went to Lake Elizabeth to burn all two pounds of crustaceans we ate. Capped off the night in Berkeley (Diane’s school – with Anwar this time)  without much documentation but with a good deal of memories.

Part two next.